43 days were enough to register 337 nominations from 21 countries of the African continent. At the end, ten (10) people will compete for five (5) places to Nairobi (Kenya) where they will be rewarded as the young actors of change who have been the most outstanding in Africa. Still among them, the citizen champion will be designated as the winner of AfricTivistesPrize 2021. This is the person whose project or initiative is recognized as having the greatest social impact.

The potential of African youth is immense. This was demonstrated from June 3 to July 16, during which time, young people from all over the continent competed for the AfricTivistes Civic Action Prize. At the end of the count, there were 337 nominations from 21 countries. It should be noted that the competition is open to residents of 54 African countries aged 40 years or less. And that they must carry out innovative projects with a strong social or community impact. 


It was agreed that at the end of the pre-selection process, 5 profiles will be selected to compete in the 3rd AfricTivistes summit in Nairobi in October 2021. But, due to the interest and the number of applications, it was decided to raise the number of pre-selected to 10 in order to give the maximum opportunity to the initiative owners to be winner of the AfricTivistes Prize.


The members of the selection committee will have from August 2 to 21, 2021 to shortlist the 10 profiles. From these 10 changemakers, the combined public (60%) and the institutional jury (40%) vote will help select 5. A separate jury will announce the winner of the AfricTivistes Prize from among these 5 finalists at the closing ceremony of the Nairobi Summit.


"We are delighted with the number of nominations received, 337 in total, after the call for nominations closed on July 16, 2021.We congratulate and encourage all those nominated for AfricTivistesPrize and urge them to continue this momentum for a stable, integrated and prosperous Africa," said AfricTivistes President Cheikh Fall.

The winner of the AfricTivistes Civic Action Prize will receive US$10,000, computer and electronic equipment, a scholarship and grants to replicate his/her project model or initiative elsewhere (in African countries). He/she will also benefit from sharing and exchanging experiences with our network of partners in Africa and Europe. As for the other four finalists, they will each receive US$ 1,500 and computer and electronic equipment. In addition to being role models for their respective communities, they will benefit from side events at the 3rd AfricTivistes summit to be held in October 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya. All finalists will also have the opportunity to network with our partners and renowned change-makers who will be present at this continental event.

Officially established in 2015, AfricTivistes is committed to intervening directly or indirectly in the various processes of political and social change. The organization is also in the promotion of augmented citizenship and youth engagement. Conscious of democratic and social justice issues, it supports and defends the values of African solidarity and human rights.


With more than 200 changemakers across 40 countries on the continent, AfricTivistes implements various programs and projects for Africa. It also uses pedagogy by example to highlight the values of active citizenship, particularly by supporting movements and initiatives of participatory democracy. AfricTivistes trains, encourages, mobilizes and accompanies the actors of change while promoting good governance, transparency and the fight against corruption.


AfricTivistes is convinced that participatory democracy is only real if it is understood by citizens in the sense that they are the main forces and drivers. Through their civic engagement and their strength of proposal and contribution, citizens become active and proactive actors of the society for an increased citizenship.


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